Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Hey All,

So I've been a bit quiet lately. But just to prove I haven't been squandering my time away from the blogging world I've decided I'll start doing posts for some of the books I don't end up finishing. I've debated whether I should give them ratings anyway despite not finishing them because it's a little unfair of me. Then I realised it's my blog and I'll rate if I want to! Here goes:

Ash by Melinda Lo

I'd been looking forward to reading this book since the first day I started blogging and someone recommended it to me. It's meant to be a Cinderella retelling and that was the thing which drew me the most. Unfortunately, despite being well written and imaginative I just couldn't muster up the excitement for it. Then I came to the realisation that I haven't finished a single fantasy novel in a few years, even from much loved authors. I think I've just become too much of a dystopian girl to appreciate fantasy books anymore. Which is not the fault of the book but mine. 

The Rating: 3/5
 Awakening by Karice Bolton

This book makes Twilight read like War and Peace. I made myself slog through it because I have been doing a lot of research into books about angels. Biggest mistake ever. The plot reads like this.

1.Girl works at restaurant.
2. Boy is super hot and comes into restaurant.
3. Girl is reminded by sometime friend about recent murders.
4. Boy shows up at girls house after midnight without being told where she lives and invites her out.
5. Girl and Boy are in love.

Just no.

The Rating: 1/5
Catalyst: The Passage of Hellsfire by Marc Johnson

If I had been offered this book for review a few years ago I'd imagine it would totally be my thing. But as with Ash it has fallen prey to my preference for dystopian novels. The premise is not new but it does tick all the boxes for a coming of age epic fantasy. And what epic fantasy doesn't have a cool dragon in it? This one has been given the awesome name Cynder which was a standout part of the story for me. The worst bit is the heroes name: Hellsfire. Even though it wasn't quite my thing I would recommend it to those who enjoy epic fantasy.

The Rating: 3/5
The Earthquake Machine by Mary Pauline Lowry

To be honest, I went into this one without a clear understanding of what the plot was really about. It sounded interesting though so I gave it a go. The Earthquake Machine is well written and has a touch of the psychedelic but I think it's more of an adult book than a YA book which was what I had though it was. I enjoyed reading it as Lowry is one of those authors who has a way of making mundane every day things seem interesting. But in the end the plot meandered too much and I'm too dense to appreciate the underlying themes.

The Rating: 3/5

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

After reading the first quarter of this book I had to stop lest I lose all faith in the sisterhood. I don't know if Estep hates women or if this is a disturbing YA trope that has gained popularity. Our heroine Gwen is constantly calling her female classmates sluts and whores because they dare to have a social life while she is constantly bemoaning how much of a loner she is. There is a reason for this. Every time Gwen opens her mouth she is a rip roaring bitch. I wouldn't want to be her friend either. For someone with the ability to touch an object and sense its history she refuses to believe that the other kids at her school are descendent from warriors and Gods. Because you know, she's the only special one. Don't even get me started on our Spartan hero who despite needing to sign mattresses to keep all his conquests in order, is painted as being dark, mysterious and hot. Do I need to point out the double standard?

                                                          The Rating: 1/5


  1. Sorry you didn't find a book that knocked your socks off.

  2. You *have* been busy reading! Too bad there were so many DNFs. I hate it when that happens. Most of them sound like ones I wouldn't be into either.

  3. Glad you posted this. I actually got a bit worried and was just getting ready to send you an email to make sure everything was okay (as if I could do something about it from all the way in America if you hadn't replied). I halted when you posted on my page, but I was still worried about you. Glad to see everything is okay, and sorry about all the sucky books. The same thing happened to me not too long ago.

  4. Grr, I have a post going up tomorrow about boys that mysteriously show up at a girl's house. Or more often, in her bedroom. What is it with YA books and creepoid stalker boys??

    It's funny that you're out of fantasy and into dystopia these days. I'm the reverse -- bored with dystopia and into fantasy. :)

  5. Someday, you'll finish a book again, Lan! LOL. You really need to figure out what your type of book is and stick with it. There's a lot of good new dystopian out there, so maybe you should look in that direction (The Darkest Minds).

  6. Oh, Lan, you crack me up. Your synopsis to Awakening is so hilarious I want to steal the idea for all my future synopses. I didn't finish Touch Of Frost either. It was just plain impossible to get into.

  7. I guess I should be flattered that you finished my fantasy novel.;-)

  8. I actually had to start a DNF shelf on my Goodreads :( It's a sad, sad day. I just kept thinking, "Okay, there's a reason I stopped reading. I don't want to accidently pick up one of these again..." Anyway, I like Estep's writing, but I was also put off by Gwen's calling girls (and Logan) "sluts." I don't know. Guess that's what kids say these days--or at least that's what the media wants us to believe *shrugs*
    Ninja Girl

  9. LOL! Your reviews are so awesome. I think I'll pass on them all...especially the whores and sluts. HA!

  10. Wow. Lots of reviews. Sorry to hear you didn't like The Watcher's Trilogy. I laughed at your review on it. It's a shame you didn't like Touch of Frost, but I understand where you're coming from. Hope you get some better reads :)


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