Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Writing Vs. Life 2.0

Insecure Writer's Support Group is a blog hop hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh where totally insecure writers can get together and share the things that are making us go argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
      I published my debut young adult novel yesterday! Check it out HERE! While I am so super psyched and have been waiting for this moment for almost four years, I can say without a doubt that it's come at a very inconvenient time in my life. Let me insert the necessary disclaimer here and clarify that I'm not complaining (much). I've made a choice to be a writer and know full well the kind of commitments, both time-wise and lack of social life-wise, that are involved.  I'm merely observing that of all the months for everything to snowball why did it have to be now?
        You see, a week ago I was told that a job opening for a higher paid position at my work would be advertised. Applications for jobs where I work involve answering a number of selection criteria so that essentially you're writing a 1,500 word essay about your skills. The closing date for applications is tomorrow, or in my mental timeline, two days after the release of my book. Interviews will probably be held a few weeks later, otherwise known as right in the middle of my book blitz dates and the outcome will take a number of months. Probably coinciding with the edits for book two in the series.
       If by some miracle I got the job it would mean a salary increase and less financial stress. On the other hand it would mean more stress at work because my sole job would be in management and dealing with real life people is not my ideal. It would also mean much less time spent on writing due to potential mental exhaustion every day.
     So I ended up making the choice not to apply for the job. I spoke at length with my husband and we agreed that if I really want to strive to make my writing a success I should put all of my energy into building a writing career as opposed to fitting it between real life commitments. I've given myself a year to see how well it goes and then after that I will reassess. My decision will mean that in the short term we will be living lean like we have been for the past few years. But making this decision means I'm going to be focused solely on publishing more books and hopefully, in a year's time I will be able to look back without regret that I made the wrong decision not to apply for a real life job instead of chasing a dream one.


  1. That's probably a wise choice. If your husband is behind you, then it's the best choice. While the money would be good, sounds like it would make you fall farther and father behind with the writing.

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  3. Smart move! I was in a job last year that took everything out of me. I spent at least 7-10 hours working overtime every week and the stress of the job itself was becoming too much to handle. I had no time for anything at all ever. So I quit and went with a lower paying job with less hours, and I'm getting by as a much happier and less stressed person. :)

    PS: I commented under the wrong profile and thought I'd comment under the correct one so you knew who was saying this, LOL.

  4. Well said, Lan. It's why I have never been interested in higher jobs and means that people young enough to have been in my first class are above me at work. I just don't care. Positions of responsibility are for those for whom this is a career. For the likes of us, what we do is a job, to pay the bills - and also, in my case, to keep me focused. I do my job well and no one has any reason to complain, but I just don't have any ambitions. And teaching can use up a lot of creative energy!

  5. I think if you already can tell before getting the job that you will hate it more than your current one, it's a no-brainer that it's wrong for you to apply for it. (Glad your husband supports you, too.) Life is too short to make yourself miserable! You have to go after the happiness-bearing decisions because no one ever regretted on their death bed that they didn't spend more time at work, making more money, not chasing after their life's dream. Joy is the true currency of life. :-)

  6. Oh I hate real life drama. What a decision to make. Very brave. I don't doubt it was the right one, though. You've been working so hard on writing abd I bet it pays off. I'm starting your book tomorrow, btw. So excited.

  7. I think you made a courageous choice and I'm glad you're doing it with his support. I spent the last year stressing out about how tight things were at home because of the risk my family took trying to win my case, and you spent that time telling me it would work out...and it did! Against my utter disbelief.

    So now I believe that your trial year will lead to wonderful things--and focusing on it as much as you can is a great idea for giving yourself your best chance.

  8. Thank you for the encouragement everyone! It's amazing how the universe loves to kick you when you've just made a life changing decision but I will persevere and hope that it pays off.


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