Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Changing Face of Obsession

Dear All,

You may have noticed recently, if you're as addicted a blog stalker as I am, that my blog has had a bit of a facelift. If you're not an avid follower, just trust me, the blog has changed!

Whilst I really love my old blog header, and may reinstate it from time to time, I found it was too dark. Along with my recent Harry Potter background, I could barely read my own reviews without needing a new pair of glasses. *Yes I wear glasses. Are you surprised? I am a book and blog geek after all :)

So when my younger sister offered to draw me a new header I jumped at the chance. It's not exactly super professional but I like it and it fits me. It's bookish but not altogether super professional which is me down to my toes.

Over the coming week I'll be making some other slight changes to make the blog more accessible and I'll be fixing up the menu tabs which I have shamefully let slide because, let's face it, I am just plain lazy.

Apologies in advance if things go amiss.


  1. Lucky you - having a sister who can draw and design stuff! Helpful and useful family members are great. My little sister is a PR /social media savvy woman who basically DRAGGED me kicking and screaming out of my cave when my 1st book came out. She even masqueraded as me for awhile online setting up my FB fan page and Twitter account and then wouldnt give me the password for them because she didnt trust me to do it right! LOL. When she finally 'handed over the reins', i promptly took it all offline and boy did she scream me out for it....(dont make your little sister mad after shes worked reaaaally hard to do PR stuff for you...) Even now she checks up on me once in awhile to gently TELL me what im doing wrong.

  2. I like the header -- it's super cute!! =)

  3. Belle & Ashley: Thanks girls. I can type so much more easily now!

    Lani: Useful relatives are great aren't they? Your sister sounds great. I wish I had someone to look after this blog for me!


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