Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NaNoWriMo Recruiting & Halloween Jealousy

Hey All,

It's October which for most of you guys means that Halloween is a great holiday to look forward to. If all the stuff on American TV and movies is anything to go by, then I am green with envy. How do we celebrate Halloween in Australia? Well I answer this question and more in my guest post at Sweet Books'n Stuff. Go over and check it out!

In other news, I've been hearing all about NaNoWriMo on heaps of blog for a while now but haven't had cause to really get into it. At first, the idea of writing 50,000 in a month seemed like madness to me so I didn't bother looking into it any further.
      Then Beth over at  Sweet Book'n Stuff mentioned it whilst we were discussing becoming critique partners (have I mentioned lately how much I love book bloggers?) and the more she said the more interested I became. Now that I've decided to speed write Seeder's Poison for a comp in May 2012, speed writing is looking more and more appealing.
       So last night in a fit of uncharacteristic ambition, I signed up! There is so much information on the webpage and I haven't go the slightest clue how to use any of the features but somehow getting that small bit done has renewed my spirit and now I just can't wait to start.
       What's the point of this post you ask? Well, I figure that NaNoWriMo is more than about just writing a lot of words in a short period of time. It's also about community and connecting with other writers. So really, I'm here today to see if anyone else is interested in joining me on my writing quest! I've already almost roped in Ashley from Bookaholics Anonymous. I figure the more people I know who are doing it, the less chance I will just give up halfway because my fingers are about to drop off.
      So, if anyone is interested, my profile name is Write_Obsession. Add me if you like and I will try to add you. I have no idea how to do this as yet but I will figure it out!



  1. I have just signed up too! :D
    I want to add you as a 'buddy' but it still says 'coming soon' on my page. So I will check again in a few days.
    I'm 'Barmy_Bex'. I took part last year and it was the best thing I ever did! Good luck

  2. Exactly! Here in the Southern Hemisphere (South Africa) it's spring - historically not the creepiest of months. So I've also always been curious about Halloween.

    It's great to take that first step, isn't it Lan? :) I've done NaNoWriMo for the last two years and will be signing up again soon for this year. I haven't hit mu 50,000 mark yet, but it has been so much fun and I've learned a lot about myself and my writing! A fun piece of software for those days when the word count is lagging is Write or Die (a Google search will bring it up). I tend to not get involved in a lot of the stuff happening on the website because I find them all an excuse to procrastinate (trust me, that is something I don't need!). My profile name is ArchArad.

    The Word Fiend

  3. YESSSS!!!! I'm so happy! It IS more than just writing, writers need other writers for support. :) I sent you a message on there... I'm hoping it gets to you! If not, I'll try again later when I can add you as a buddy.

  4. I'm totally roped. :) I'm always in awe at how different countries are. I guess it never occurs to me that some of our holidays aren't the same. Stupid me.

  5. Hey All,
    Thanks for being so enthused. I think the NaNoWriMo site is going through some changes so the "buddy" feature us under maintenance. Will add you all once it's back up. Can't wait to start now. 50,000 words is a bit scary at this point but I am determined to get it done.

  6. I've written nano-novels the last two years, and it is FUN. Crazy, insane, but fun.

    I am worried that working full-time and blogging will make it REALLY hard to meet my word count this year, but I'm investing in a lot of pre-plotting time...hopefully, that will help. :)

    Will track you down over there! :)


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