Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hunger Games Obsessiveness and My Handicap

OK, so one day into my new found writing challenge and the bearable dull pain in my right pointer finger becomes...well...unbearable. I realise I've been doing a lot of blog stalking lately, but do the writing gods really have to punish me with this infliction?

On a side note, I've run into a bit of a conundrum over the writing competition I entered. I was originally thinking I should write a 25,000 word monstrosity only to learn that last years winner had a total word count of 1000 words. What to do?

Without being able to write, I turned to obsessing over the Hunger Games instead and came upon this hilarious thread by Forever Young Adult. For anyone who is remotely interested in the great Peeta vs Gale debate, this is a must read.

I haven't finished Mockingjay yet, but I get the feeling that whatever happens (yes I have read every spoiler known to man) I will always remain:


  1. If you live in the US, there is a competition to win a visit to the set of the movie.

    I'm in UK so can't enter, but good luck if you can. :D

  2. Hi Lan! Thanks for hopping by on FF. I'm following back now! I enjoyed the Forever Young Adult link. Good stuff, but I must say I was pulling for Peeta the whole way through!

  3. Is it just me or are all of the blogosphere Peeta lovers? I chose to believe that those who love Gale just don't blog :P

  4. I jst checked out the Forever Young Adult site and loved it. Thank you so much for a great tip. The Peeta vs Gale debate is the funniest thing I've read in ages.
    Signing out. With croissants.


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