Monday 6 June 2011

Review Policy

Please fully read the below information. Any requests that don't meet the requirements will be automatically deleted.

Welcome to The Write Obsession.

As a writer I know how difficult it is to get reviews. Especially those early ones that count for so much. As a reader and blogger I understand what it's like to be inundated with review requests. To try and strike a balance between helping authors and burning out, I've created the system below:

Step 1:
Read the list of my reading likes and dislikes

Step 2:
If you believe your book fits my criteria send me an email at telling me that you would like me to review your novel. Add your Amazon link. I'm pretty good at ferreting out information so no need to give me a big pitch or a chunky synopsis. Just a hello and this is my novel and here's the link is fine.

Step 3:
If the book link interests me I will download the sample. If the sample is keeps me reading I'll buy a copy of your novel.

Step 4:
I will read and review your novel and post it on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon. (If I remember I'll also tweet and share it on FB). I will email you when this is done.

*Note: I am fanatical about being able to be honest about my thoughts on a book. Therefore, please make yourself comfortable with my review style before sending a review request. Please make sure you really think about the things I've listed in my likes and dislikes list and whether they apply to your story.

Just because I've been able to finish reading your novel doesn't mean it will automatically receive a 5 star rating. Please do not leave comments on the review of your book on my blog, Amazon or Goodreads. Even if they are positive comments. My reviews are for fellow readers and I  don't want my them to feel uncomfortable in any way. 

- YA and Middle Grade, NA if it's not a smokescreen for YA with sex, some adult fiction
- Urban Fantasy
- Sci/Fi
- Dystopia
- Fantasy
- Steampunk
- Some romance/contemporary but it would depend on the individual novel.

- Minority characters
-  Fiesty/Strong female characters. I prefer female POVs as I find I can relate to them better. Having said that I do read from male POVs too.
-Nature and the envirnment
- Super powers

- Love triangles
- Romances masquerading as other genres. If the world is falling apart and you're getting shot at, I don't care how hot the hero is. 
- Too stupid to live heroines/ Damsels in distress
- Girl on girl hate for no reason other than over a guy. I cannot stand female shaming of any kind.
- Misogynistic/stalker guys disguised as alpha males
- History
- Time travel

 Besides being a reader, I am an avid writer, TV watcher and book blog stalker. As you can imagine, this means that it takes me a while to whittle down that big pile of books to read. Unfortunately, it also means that I can't be specific about how long it will take for me to read and review your book. If you're looking for a review by a certain deadline, you're probably much better off going elsewhere.

If the above hasn't scared you off and you would like me to review your book, please feel free to contact me via

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  1. I like your review policy - esp the bit about not having the time or desire to tear down another persons hard work - nice. Oh, and I am totally obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. Me and my two teenagers jst discovered it and we are so annoyed because it seems like no other book will ever compare now....


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