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Guest Post: Which YA Heroine Are You?

Following on from last week's pretty fun guest post, I've invited BJ from Dark Side of the Covers to do a little presentation of her own. BJ's blog is completely awesome and I love that her reviews are sometimes interactive. It's a unique concept and it also get's the reader involved and tailors the results to suit the reader's answer. To a technophobe like me, it's almost like magic. Not to mention the fact that BJ is just generally a great blogger with a very refreshing take on YA books! She also has a weekly discussion on Sunday entitled "Let's Talk About...' which is way interesting. Take it away BJ!

There's been some great discussion here on The Write Obsession about YA heroines, and what makes a good one...which got me to we prefer heroines who resemble us, or heroines who represent what we wish we could be? I decided to hijack Lan's blog - I mean, ah, use this opportunity - to find out...and because I'm all about the interaction, that means it's quiz time!

Which YA Heroine Are You?

1. Your hair smells like...
A. Soap
B. Lavender
C. Citrus

2. Your idea of a romantic evening is...
A. Climbing a ferris wheel to look at the stars
B. Walking through the forest, hand-in-hand
C. Going for a run, then practicing your combat moves

3. The first thing you notice about a guy is...
A. His hands
B. His eyes
C. His moves

4. When you have money to spend on yourself, you...
A. Get a tattoo
B. Buy something for your sweetheart instead
C. Get a manicure

5. If you were to admit your greatest weakness, it would be...
A. Selfishness
B. Lack of confidence
C. Insensitivity

6. Which song title best describes your love life?
A. "Vulnerable"
B. "Love Story (Romeo & Juliet)"
C. "Oh Where Oh Where Could My Baby Be"

7. Your evening reading consists of...
A. Um...there's no time to read
B. Melancholy classics
C. Non-fiction

8. Your best friend is in trouble, so you...
A. Think of a way to get her out of it
B. Um...I don't really have any friends
C. Find out who is upsetting her and kick that person's ass

9. Your relationship with your mother is...
A. Strained at the moment, but you usually get along
B. Complicated; it seems like you're the adult most of the time
C. A ticking time bomb that neither of you knows how to diffuse

10. At the end of the day, you would...
A. Fight against impossible odds to save the ones you love
B. Sacrifice your life for the ones you love
C. Protect the ones you love, even from themselves, no matter what

11. It's the weekend, and you're...
A. Sneaking out for some adrenaline-inducing fun
B. Spending one-on-one time with the one you love
C. The life of the party!

12. When facing a difficult situation, you...
A. Keep quiet and think through all the possibilities
B. Ask your guy for his opinion
C. Jump in fist first - whoever is standing at the end can figure out the details.

If you answered mostly...

A's - You're most like Tris from Divergent - strong, smart, and on the path to self-discovery. You're a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and your inner moral compass complicates life sometimes, but you're starting to realize that you're stronger than you ever knew.

B's - You're most like Bella from Twilight - kind, compassionate, and a little reserved. Ignore the nay-sayers; we can't all kick butt all the time, and when push comes to shove, you do everything you can for the ones you love...and that's what makes a girl a hero.

C's - You're most like Rose from Vampire Academy - tough, brave and self-sacrificing. Your impulsive behavior gets you into trouble, but your fierce loyalty has earned you friends who will always have your back. Life isn't easy on you, but you're resourceful and resilient, and you'll always land on your feet.

Equal or near-equal combination of A's, B's & C's - You're complex, interesting, and definitely beyond the scope of this quiz. Have you considered writing a novel? You'd be a fascinating character...

So...what do you think? Are you most like your favorite heroine, or are your favorite characters the opposite of your own personality?
Thanks for playing! - BJ

Don't forget guys, if you liked what you saw here, hop on over to BJ's Blog and follow her too! She's totally interactive and I guarantee you'll be making a great blogger friend.


  1. Ooh, this was fun! :)
    Apparently I'm like Bella.

  2. Love it! Great idea for a blog post...I love quizzes. ( even when i hate the results) I WANT to be like Katniss...but

  3. Woohoo! I am a fascinating character! I always knew that would be proven somewhere! Now to write myself into a book or two.

    Renu: Thanks for playing. I get the feeling when it comes down to it, we're all very much more Bella than anyone else!

    Lani: I wish there was a Katniss too but highly doubt I could be anything like her! Unless there was Gale involved :)

  4. S#!%, I am like Bella as well. Then again that's okay. When I got down to who the choices actually were I figure Bella is better than one I don't know, and someone from VA. *Shudders* I know its very popular but it wasn't for me.

    This quiz might prove why Twilight was so popular if the majority are getting Bella.

  5. Beth: Totally agree that we would all mostly be like Bella. Because realistically, none of us would be like Tris or Rose. They are a product of their circumstances. It's still fun to read about though :)

  6. I checked to see if I knew all the characters and I did. It was close between Bella and Rose, but in the end I got one more C and so I am a Rose! I think I'm pretty glad about that; Rose is pretty fierce.

  7. Hahaha, I'm Bella too! I love these types of quizzes. I always wanted to come up with my own when I was a teen, but I never had a knack for it back then. I should give it a go again. ^_^

  8. This was really cool. The quiz suggest that I'm like Rose. I can see this in some ways but in other ways I think she has a lot of traits that I don't have & wish that I had more of. She's such a kick *ss heroine.

  9. OK so I'f I'm like bella ( sorry I cringed!) then I'm definitely writing/reading about someone I want to be :)

    This was super fun! Nice way to get us involved! thanks!

  10. This was so much fun! Apparently I'm a weird mix of Tris and Bella -- which I find cool because I think that Bella is adorable and I would love to go on adventurous outings with Tris! I'm definitely an adrenaline-junkie!

    Personally, I don't really mind any type of heroine as long as she's not extremely whiny or the type of girl that you scream at during scary movies to not do something, even though you know she's going to anyways. :) But I prefer them to be strong and kick-ass with an awesome sense of humor. It makes the book all the more fun to read!

    Thanks so much for posting! :)

  11. Thanks for playing, all! My apologies for not being here to chat as it all went on...I blame it on the tornado. (Sadly, not kidding.)

    It's really interesting to see all the responses! I think most of us are leaning towards "I read that which I'd like to be."

    @Beth D - I think you're right! Bella's flaws are what made her likeable for so many people.

    @Mimi - interesting point about the kickass, smart-mouthed characters being more fun to read! I totally agree.

    Again, thanks all for playing! And thanks to Lan for having me. :)

  12. Oh, this was fun! I'm Bella! Though Rose was a 1 answer away from a tie! Well, if I was Bella I probably would have picked Jacob or at least romanced him a LITTLE MORE. Bwuahaha!

  13. Awww no, I got Bella ... I *hate* Bella ... hahaha. Although I was one away from Tris. I like Tris much more. Let's pretend I'm Tris instead :D

  14. Crap! I got Bella!!! I am so not Bella! LOL, fun, fun.

  15. @ Liza - hmm. Half Rose, half Bella...that would definitely make an interesting character!

    @ Jinny - I'm with you! Tris rocks. I want to be her when I grow up. ;)

    @ Jenny - shhh! You're proving how entirely unscientific my quiz is! LOL

  16. So annoying that I'm at work while all this fun is happening! Am not surprised by all the Bella results. As much as I want to be Tris, I'd probably chicken out at all the blood!

  17. Haha, this was so much fun. It was a total flashback to high school and reading Seventeen magazine. I'm a mix of Tris and Bella! Woohoo!

  18. Congratulations! You've won an award for your blog!!! Come check it out on my post:


  19. Thanks all for participating! I love all the interaction. This is what blogging is about!!


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