Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Seeder's Poison Interaction: What's in a Name? (Credit Given!)

Hey guys! Those of you who read my blog regularly (bless you, I love and appreciate every one of you!) would have seen the tiny excerpt to the new dystopian book I'm writing. As discussed in another blog post of mine, I have real issues with naming things/people. I am just not good at it. Which for an author is pretty lame I know.
       But I was thinking, since you guys are so great and have helped me out immensely before, I could throw the floor open to you and ask for your ideas on naming a few minor characters for me!
       First, a little background. Seeder's is set in a world divided into three classes: The Seeders (or those who have all the power and control), merchants (upper class citizen's who deal in the trades and are spared from manual labour) and farmers (pretty self explanatory I think). Vague descriptions ey? It's because I haven't figured all the bugs out yet.
       My MC (Her name is Rory) must set out on a doomed quest with characters from each of these classes and I want you guys to help me name them. Keeping in mind that my dystopia will be hundreds of years from now, I need names for:

1 Farmer
1 Merchant
2 Seeders

If you could give me reasons why you chose your names (even if it IS that you looked up babynames.com. I know I did!) Successful names will be used in my book and will receive full credit if *when Lan when, you must always think in positive terms* my book is published/self published!

*Disclaimer: Yes, I know this is technically cheating and that I have reached a new level of laziness, but to be fair, I have been sick :( Also, no guarantees that your character lives past this book, it is dystopia after all.

Over and out.

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  1. UGH! I am worse than you at picking names, however i guess I can choose a few. Farmer names make me think of old people in my family (no they werent famers...but they were QUITE country)

    Angrish - this is my blood grandfathers name (i've never met him, only my step grandfather), although it was spelled wrong on his birth certificate and his name forever remained Angry, if you ask me it sounds quite umm...farmish?

    There are always the thomas's and bill's to choose from

    I guess I should also give a female name...hmmm...Mamae? it sounds pretty farm happy, like she opens the doors with lemonade and cookies on a summer day and may be a grandma but maybe not. IDK, those are some suggestions.

    For the merchants, im thinking Floyd or Inez. I'm not sure why I chose them. I just thought merchant and those names popped into my head.

    Finally, for the seeders I think there should be common basic names like Chad, Thomas (again...), Henry, Elizabeth, Victoria, or Theresa.

    So i guess I was better at this name thing than I thought. O well. I hope this helps!

  2. these names are going to sound ridiculous but...

    farmer: Adille
    merchant: Chessly
    Seeders: Kaelet, Nouvea

    that's all I can think of! Sorry!

  3. I am pretty bad about names. I usually make them up, no I am not kidding, I have made up names and places. The worst thing is using a common name, then later being questioned by someone you know with the name if it is meant to be them... 'No I write to escape you people!' is what a fellow writer told me she said once. I loved it!

    I don't have any names for you, but that as time goes on we use common words for names, like months, days of the week, I even met someone with the first name of Magic. I really like the concept of turning words to names.

  4. I'm really bad at choosing names, too! But I'm still going to attempt to help you (even though my name choices probably won't be that great LOL).

    A farmer? Hmm, maybe Jay (because I like it and it reminds me of a blue jay), Owen (Does that sound like a farmer?), or Wells (because I have a friend that lives on a farm who goes by this name!) for guys. Dominic could work, too. Abigail and Lydia seem like cute names for farm girls!

    Merchants? Gage, Brocker, or Wyatt could work for guys. Emmali, Maura, or Sydnie are cool female merchant names!

    And Seeders? I'm thinking Juliette, Kierra, or Amelia for girls, and Rockwell, Jordan, or Holden for guys.

    I know most of these names are pretty modern, but who says they won't work in the future? x)

    Hopefully the names I listed will at least trigger something in the back of your head to help you come up with awesome character names for this book. Good luck, Lan! :)

  5. Eeek! I really can't help, I suck at this too. I've always loved the name Ember, though. *shrugs*

  6. I *love* names. It's an obsession. If I could convince my husband to spawn at least 10 babies with me I'd love it because I could totally use all the names I love. I think character names are probably more healthier than spawning tons of babies for my mental stability though. SO, I'D LOVE TO HELP!

    I'm with Sherre on Floyd and Inez! Those sound legit.

    Seeders: Valentina, Felix, Stefan, Roman
    Merchants: Clement, Fabian, Penelope, Tallulah
    Farmers: Frances, Cora, Willa, Hugh, Beau

  7. Thanks for all the great options guys. I am once again late for work because I have been blog stalking since 6am but I will return tonight and respond to you all!

  8. I am awful at picking out names! Especially the ones that really matter. Movie credits are my favorite sources, though. TONS of names there, and a lot aren't so common.

  9. i love unique names too. yu can tell from some of my characters. ill post some names i like a little later for ya. im on break at work and just felt the need to comment ill be back. i agree i like ember. :)

  10. Okay, so I looked over my name list and here are a few I liked.

    Cascade-Sounds kind of upper class
    Meadow- Farmer?
    Sterling-Upper classy
    Slate...hummm that's what I got

  11. Ahhh I'm so bad with names!
    I don't have any serious intentions with writing a novel myself, but I always thought the name Mira is nice for a character if I ever write one. I think it would make a nice name for a farm girl ;P

  12. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas guys. You've come up with heaps of really cool names.

    Sherre: I loved reading your reasons behind choosing those names :) I usually just steal my names from all over the shop.

    Sabrina: Don't be sorry. Your suggestions were great!

    Mimi: We are so on the same wavelength. I already have a Gage in the book! Holden = awesome.

    Jenny: Ember has just been bumped up to important supporting character status.

    Liza: All great choices. Will add those in somewhere for sure.

    Peggy: Great idea. I always sit and watch the unusual names roll up after a movie and never once thought to "steal" some of them!

    Ashlee: Ryker & Sterling are gold. I know you love the super unusual names:)

    Jinny: Mira is a beautiful name. Farm girl it is!

    Thanks again everyone. I'll start incorporating names this weekend. It's so much more fun and motivating to write a book with friendly input :)

  13. I suck at names! There are some great options here though. :)
    Holden is a great guys name. Love it!


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