Monday, 29 August 2011

Supernatural Showdown #1

 I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and my posts have started getting less professional and more wacky, so first off, I have to apologise. Since the crazies are in my system anyway, I thought I’d inject a little fun debate into the blogosphere and play a book/TV battle game. The name of the game is to throw two supernatural beings from either books or TV together and have a little discussion about who we think would come out on top!
        For today’s showdown, we will try and settle the Vampire/Werewolf debate once and for all. You guys can probably tell from my previous posts and steadfast comments that I prefer my supernatural beings on the badass side. There’s no point being supernatural otherwise. Despite whatever else some (myself included) might say about Twilight, when you put the sparkling aside, they actually have some pretty incredible powers. Super speed, super strength, sight, hearing and sense of smell (I’m going to leave actually smelling nice out of the equation because that’s just good hygiene). 

Faced with these incredible powers, I don’t think the Twilight werewolves really stand a chance. Yeah they’re big, but so what? From what I've seen, Jacob isn't much more than a really huge dog. Not even in the same ballpark. To make it fair I’m going to put the Twilight vamps against the biggest baddest weres I can think of. I’m talkin’ the Lycans from Underworld. These guys are seriously scary and they don't mess about jumping around showing off their ripped chests. Not only are they bigger, stronger and faster than your average Joe but their bite also transfers the Lycan virus which means if you get bitten you're a goner.

 Who do you guys think will win in a fight? 

I have to give it to the Lycans. They are definitely higher up on the scary stakes and I don't think they'll be too interested in the fact that the vamps are super beautiful either. I'm really hoping some cyber genius who happens to stumble upon my blog will take up this idea and make a youtube clip with this very battle! Awesome.
Ok, that's my pathetic blog contribution for today. I promise I'll be more serious tomorrow.


  1. LOL! I'm with you, those Lycans would kick ass! Stupid little sparkly Twilight vampires wouldn't stand a chance. Selina might me able to take them down but not Edward...not a chance. He'd be too busy trying to boss Bella around.

  2. This is eyebrow lifting. First off I would put Twilight weres against the vamps. They have some hardcore teeth since they can tear a vamp apart... Plus they were just... Okay, okay have to stop that, no side throwing.

    I don't know who would win when Underworld meets Twilight. Underworld without a doubt will get the best visual, acting, story and everything else award if we get into the movies. Lycans without a doubt get higher style points!

    However! That is something a hundred some books have put into there stories. It is not going to stop! Writers will most likely put vamps and shape-changers into fiction until the world ends.

    Beth ^_^

  3. ok Firstly, I LOVE those lycans- you nailed it- BADASS.
    as for Twilight, I think the sense of the werewolves working together as a"pack", hearing eachothers thoughts, is a HUGE advantage. There powers might not be as cool, but I'm definitely a WolfGirl.

    LOVE the showdown idea. I'll be back to read through the other comments :)

  4. I think the Underworld Weres would win, and all that would be left of the Twilight Vamps would be a few expensive shoes and shreds of designer clothing...

    (Hope you feel better soon!)

  5. I would say it all depends on which vamps your putting the Lycans up against the Cullens or The Volturi. The cullens would probably not make it, but some of the volturi's powers are probably a little painful so I'll give them a little credit and say they might. As for the Twilight wolves. I love them I do, but a friend pointed out that their just overgrown wolves with a little difference. They;re not the Lycan type werewolves.

  6. Jenny: I felt real fear sorta when I watched Underworld. Not the case for Twilight, so in a fight, no way would the Cullens or the Volturi win!

    Beth: Forget about the merits of the books vs the movie. I'm talking if the Twilight vamps met the Underworld Lycans in a dark alley, who would kick whose butt!

    Alana: I am definitely a WolfGirl too, which is why I was a little disappointed at the TwiWolves. Hence the substitution. I don't see Jacob Black coming up against Lucian and walking away.

    BJ: Thanks for the get well. I think my body is pretending to be sick so I can't keep getting rejection letters and feeling bad!!

    Ash: I still don't believe the Volturi have a chance against a Lycan. Although I did like Jane, but I think that's because I have a girl crush on Dakota Fanning.

    Thanks for playing all. Seriously, I will get back to my regular programming soon.

  7. Lol..yeah I think Jane would be the only one I would be scared of.

  8. Thinking about Game of Thrones, I had a friend watch it from start to finish all night the other night, said she was hooked. I loved it!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I believe the vampires would win. I know everyone believes the lycans would, but come on...Jane and Alec...that would take anythng the Lycans can do completely out of the picture. If they're standing there completely blind and deaf and everything until the very end and dont know what hit them, or if they're contorted in intense pain from Jane then they cant even fight. It'll be over before it even starts. If, however, they are all bella's (cant feel Alec or Jane's gifts) then of course the Lycans would win. Otherwise, we all know the Volturi are cheaters...they would ALWAYS WIN.

  10. I cannot even participate in this debate because the mere mention of sparkly vampires sends all logical debating thought into a swirling mass of mush. *sigh* The Lycans in Underworld were quite hot and gorgeous in a bad-ass sort of way though. But I think they would look at the beauty of the sparklies and the glory of the Twilight love story...and be swept away into a puddle of melted chocolate. With cherries on top.
    Can you tel that I have a fever and am severely disoriented right now?! Sorry Lan, being sick and thinking about Twilight is never a good combination for me, LOL

  11. Lani: Shouldn't you be on a plane right now?? Sorry to hear the flu isn't any better. LOL about the comment re: Lycans being Hot. I think I preferred them in wolf form!

  12. *sigh* Everybody, cast aside your twilight hating opinions and your silly little preferences. Look at the Twilight Vampires, there's so much more to them than their unnaturally shiny corpse. If you read or at least pay attention much, these guys are pretty much indestructible unless facing the Quileute Shape-shifters, their own kind, or the Children of the Moon (or Werewolves in their universe) which Caius of the Volturi seems to have hunted them to almost being extinct. Now I really think that the Underworld Lycans can put put up a fight against them but they don't have the required tools to actually defeat them. I believe they do have the strenght but not the TEETH. Twilight Vampires have really hard skin, like Lycans trying to bite into them is like trying to grind metal. But this is just all speculation. But I'd cast my vote for the Twilight Vampires, especially when they also have ablities to enhance their fighting prowess.

  13. lycans move fast! lycans slaps n punches cause real damage! lycans teeth grind the bones, especially the collar and neck bones!


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